The Erasmus+Space is a safe and secure tool in particular for Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects. Project coordinators and their partners may use it for project management and dissemination, hence it offers the possibility to post content privately, as well as for the broader public. The core objective is putting into practice blended mobility and cooperation projects, notably starting with coming together online that will be followed up by physical meetings.

You may use it already for project preparation as EPALE provides the opportunity for partner search. A course catalogue will also be available soon.  At a later stage, the ecosystem, where everything can be found in one place, will be expanded with links to Erasmus+ tools, such as the future ‘beneficiary module’.

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Eco-responsible communication

4 members
Purpose of group KA2 project Target audience Media professionals in the adult education field

Jobshadowing CEPA-CPIA

6 members
blended mobility space between CPIA La Spezia and Toledo CEPA

Sharing KA1 and KA2 Results and Creations

6 members
In this group we open the door for sharing results obtained in both Erasmus+ projects KA1+KA2.The diversity of ideas and creations should boost the exchange between organisations involved in projects.

Unidos por los idiomas, enseñando y aprendiendo de forma eficaz

2 members
Purpose of group KA2 project Target audience Academics, students, researchers in andragogy

FPA Font: a source of learning.

2 members
Purpose of group KA1 project Target audience Adult learning providers

Wellbeing in Everyday Life

3 members
As a result of an Erasmus Plus mobility project and for developing selfknowledge and interpersonal abilities, we intend to develop and share some instruments for practicing wellbeing by many around us

GATE:VET E+ Game-Based Learning for VET teachers

9 members
GATEVET Project Logo.
Purpose of group KA2 project Target audience Adult learning providers Teachers are generally aware that game-based learning has a positive impact on their students. Only some of them know exactly how

EU4ART Alliance

14 members
The EU4ART European University, created by four higher education institutions devoted to fine arts, aims to develop common flexible curricula in the field of painting, sculpture and graphic art.

Conscious Consumption - The Game to become a winner...

4 members
Conscious Consumption is a KA2 project aiming to develop a game to teach adults in an easy way to better their consumption patterns for their own good and for reducing their environmental impact.

KA1 project tips & tricks

5 members
In this E+ Space we exchange questions and answers about the execution of KA1 projects. All project coordinators are welcome to share their ideas. The Dutch NA will facilitate and share tips.


3 members
Open Education for Adults in the field of water management

Living in a wonderful Garden

12 members
It's a group for preparing Erasmus+ Ka204 partnership The project is to shake up our minds and imagine other ways of life, test and show it in a wonderful garden. We do change our way of life.