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Интересувате се от сътрудничество с други хора от цяла Европа, но все още нямате конкретна идея?

Добавете организацията си

Добавете организацията си към Търсене на партньори в EPALE, за да подобрите профила си и дадете възможност на другите да разберат, че бихте искали да се включите в общоевропейско сътрудничество.

Полезен съвет: Добавете колкото е възможно повече информация за организацията си и вида на дейностите, които извършавате, за да помогнете на други да Ви намерят.

Част от организация?

Опишете на нашия сайт! Влезте на линка долу и добавете Вашата организация!

Намерете най-актуалната информация относно начините, по които ЕС популяризира политиката за учене на възрастни

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IPSSAR Paolo Borsellino is a secondary educational Institute, for young people aged between 14 and 19 and for adult ones.The School is specialized in teaching catering and hotel hospitality services. The school teaching plan is divided into an area of general education and into ...
Чешка република
Czech Republic.
We are a team of people who share a common desire to help others. As a non-profit organisation we have been operating on the Czech market for more than 20 years now and our main aim is to draw on our past experience and procedures to help those who are unable to help themselves....
The Vocational school of catering and service is a a secondary vocational school, teaching students in a technical and vocational school. Students are 14-19 years old. We have started European cooperation since 2004 as a sending and host partner. We have completed many projects ...
We are a Polish NGO with over 15 years of experience in EU projects’ creation, implementation and evaluation.
Considering the public interest, within the framework of profitability and efficiency principles; EGC, which was established by the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 03.02.2001 in order to carry out safe, continuous, high quality, efficient, low-cost, environmentally fr...