Интересувате се от сътрудничество с други хора от цяла Европа, но все още нямате конкретна идея?

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Добавете организацията си към Търсене на партньори в EPALE, за да подобрите профила си и дадете възможност на другите да разберат, че бихте искали да се включите в общоевропейско сътрудничество.

Полезен съвет: Добавете колкото е възможно повече информация за организацията си и вида на дейностите, които извършавате, за да помогнете на други да Ви намерят.

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Movidabilia is a social promotion association made up by a team of professionals committed in the design of accessible  social and cultural contexts, with particular attention to people with intellectual and / or relational and / or mobility impairments and sensory disabilities....
The Center for Inclusive Education (hereinafter "Inklucentrum") is an advocacy, educational and counselling expert organization, operating at a national level in the field of inclusive education. It is dedicated to supporting quality education in the school environment for the b...
Als ‚Gedächtnis‘ der Stadt Dornbirn widmet sich das Stadtarchiv der Dokumentation und Aufbereitung der Geschichte Dornbirns. Das Stadtarchiv Dornbirn arbeitet regelmäßig mit lokalen, nationalen und internationalen Partnerinstitutionen zusammen und war bzw. ist Projektleiterin od...
Slovenská asociácia age managementu (SAAM) je občianske združenie, ktorého cieľom je aktívne pomáhať v personálnej oblasti organizáciám a zamestnancom, pripravovať ich na zmeny, podporovať ich konkurencieschopnosť v súvislosti s demografickými zmenami na Slovensku. Age manageme...
İzmir, the second biggest economy in Turkey, is also a crucial port city the western coastline of country, on the route of Ancient Silk Road, which interlinks Asia and Europe. İzmir Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1885 and has more than 85 thousand members, mostly SMEs oper...