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EPALE - Pjattaforma Elettronika għat-Tagħlim tal-Adulti fl-Ewropa

Foreign Language Approaches of Adult Education

9 membri
Our purpose is to discuss new techniques and approaches about foreign language in the field of adult education.

Blended Learning for Language Teachers

47 membri
Purpose of group To discuss issues and challenges related to blended learning (course design, fostering students' engagement and self-regulation and creation of virtual communities of practice). We

Cultrural+ Learning and Knowledge Sharing Community

23 membri
Purpose of group To share resources, news, opportunities on Entrepreneurship Education for rural development in depopulated villages in less favoured areas of Europe. Specially focused on Cultural


3 membri
Inclusion of vulnerable groups in rural areas by environmental awareness and social entrepreneurship through mycology

EQUALISER - Community of practitioners interested in gender equality at the workplace

3 membri
This is an online community of adult learning stakeholders and practitioners interested in gender equality at the workplace in Europe to disseminate the Erasmus+ EQUALISER project.

Erasmus+ FP - Comunidad Valenciana

15 membri
Esta comunidad es un punto de encuentro entre profesionales de la educación en Formación Profesional de la CV, que trabajan, coordinan o participan en proyectos de internacionalización en sus centros

Lifelong learning in Europe

290 membri
Facilitated by the the Lifelong Learning Hub, this Community aims to bring together European experts in lifelong learning


2 membri
Agile4Collaboration is a Erasmus+ project that aims to contribute in a collaborative and agile way to the development of Agile Learning in Europe as a learning

Adult educators digital skills - how to create learning communities online

107 membri
Purpose of group Exchange experience on how to enhance digital skills among adult educators (staff, trainers, teachers). Starfsmennt, the Educational Training Centre for Public Employees, is

STEAM Boosting Soft Skills CoP

10 membri
In an evolving labour market, providing soft skills is crucial. Our CoP aims to identify strategies to develop these skills through STEAM approach activities.

eGreen Erasmus+

44 membri
The objective of is to develop and disseminate solutions so that VET professionals and VET learners can actively engage in a successful green digital transformation.

Female Entrepreneurship Group

23 membri
Purpose of group The aim of the group is to explore and understand the best way to promote entrepreneurial skills in women, in the European context. Taking as a starting point the sharing of models