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Communities of practice are online groups where people with similar interests from the adult learning sector can get together. Join a community to meet like-minded EPALE members from across Europe and exchange ideas, resources and good practices.

Edu-City: The city as a learning space

14 medlemmer
To exchange educational methodologies, tools and best practices on city neighbourhoods as educational environments for fragile adults learners.

Adult educators digital skills - how to create learning communities online

60 medlemmer
Purpose of groupExchange experience on how to enhance digital skills among adult educators (staff, trainers, teachers).Starfsmennt, the Educational Training Centre for Public Employees, is

Blended Learning for Language Teachers

36 medlemmer
Purpose of group To discuss issues and challenges related to blended learning (course design, fostering students' engagement and self-regulation and creation of virtual communities of practice). We


24 medlemmer
El propósito de esta Comunidad de Prácticas es el intercambio de información y buenas prácticas dentro de la red de embajadores.

About civil protection

19 medlemmer
Purpose of groupThe training in civil protection has become a central goal of training in many countries. Informing and raising awareness of self-protection issues is a key factor in preventing and

Durchführung von EU-Projekten in Zeiten von Corona? – Ein Austauschforum für Projektträger

20 medlemmer
Purpose of group Die Corona Krise macht auch vor der europäischen Projektarbeit nicht Halt. Reisebeschränkungen, Ausgangssperren oder das Verbot von Versammlungen führen dazu, dass viele geplante

CREATIT-Creative ICT Teaching to Motivate for learning

8 medlemmer
Purpose of group A community for those working or interested in the delivery of trainning contents for adult learners based in development of creativity with digital tools, and the use of an effective

DSKILTI - Digital Upskilling for Transnational Work-based Learning.

71 medlemmer
Purpose of group Addressing the challenges of COVID19 to develop Key Digital Skills for Adult Education/VET Staff & Trainees for Innovative Transnational Work-based Learning & Internships. The DSKILTI

Handicap, emploi et inclusion

4 medlemmer
Objectif du groupeL'inclusion professionnelle des personnes en situation de handicap est une priorité portée par l'association LADAPT depuis 90 ans. En effet, l'accès et le maintien dans l'emploi

Portfolio for Employment - PFE

22 medlemmer
Logo PFE.
Purpose of group Erasmus project in construction: 1. Facilitate job-market access for VET trainees 2. Propose learning opportunities to upskill the key competences identified as essential for the

How can we improve adult basic skills in Europe?

8 medlemmer
Purpose of group This collaborative group continues the discussion started at the virtual seminar "How can we improve adult basic skills in Europe?" hosted by NVL (The Nordic Network for Adult

Inclusion of Migrants by Qualified Occupation in the Tourism industry

7 medlemmer
The aim of this CP is o discuss related issues and to share knowledge regarding the essential improvement of language skills of migrants in order to boost their opportunities in the tourism sector.