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Diskussionsforum är webbaserade grupper där personer med liknande intressen från vuxenutbildningssektorn kan mötas. Gå med i ett forum för att möta likasinnade EPALE-medlemmar från hela Europa och utbyt idéer, resurser och bra metoder.

Lifelong learning in Europe

245 medlemmar
Facilitated by the the Lifelong Learning Hub, this Community aims to bring together European experts in lifelong learning

NSS Malta EPALE Ambassadors 2022-2024

4 medlemmar
EPALE Malta.
This is a collaborative space for EPALE Malta Ambassadors to communicate with NSS, organise work, discuss various issues.

ENID-Teach France

3 medlemmar
Le but de ce groupe, associé au projet européen ENID-Teach, est de réunir celles et ceux qui souhaitent développer des pratiques innovantes d'enseignement en ligne et de faire réseau.

European network in D-flexible teaching (ENID-Teach)

4 medlemmar
Group for the exchange of ideas on digital methodologies and pedagogies: how to improve our teaching to adjust it to the demands of current society?

Blended Learning for Language Teachers

38 medlemmar
Purpose of group To discuss issues and challenges related to blended learning (course design, fostering students' engagement and self-regulation and creation of virtual communities of practice). We

KA1 Staff mobility, courses and job-shadowing

92 medlemmar
Purpose of group The purpose of this group is to give adult educators a space for discussion about KA1 projects, courses and job-shadowing and discover new mobility opportunities. Erasmus+ project

Culture on Prescription

6 medlemmar
The ‘Culture on Prescription’ project will introduce cultural activities facilitated by informal learning and training offers for adults.

INTERGEN - Inter-Generational Support Career Community of Practice

56 medlemmar
Purpose of group This group is based around the INTERGEN Erasmus+ KA2 project (2021-2022) and will form a Community of Practice for exchanges between stakeholders in the provision of Adult Education

Social Media Training for NEETS and Socio Inclusion Workers

12 medlemmar
The Erasmus+ project Follow-us is creating tools to help Socio Inclusion Workers support NEETs in developing Social Media Skills to be more successful on the job market.

LINKS Erasmus+ Project

2 medlemmar
LINKS Development of the Digital Sovereignty Competences of Youth Workers Digital sovereignty is a new concept in the digital era suggesting that parties should have sovereignty over their digital

Inclusion of Migrants by Qualified Occupation in the Tourism industry

12 medlemmar
The aim of this CP is o discuss related issues and to share knowledge regarding the essential improvement of language skills of migrants in order to boost their opportunities in the tourism sector.

DWC Project Erasmus +

10 medlemmar
The main aim of the DWC project is meeting the demands of the ’new normal’ and to prepare VET to facilitate innovative, digital & inter-European collaboration, so as to encourage Wellness and Cosmetic