Praktické komunity

Praktické komunity

Praktické komunity sú online skupiny, v ktorých sa môžu stretávať ľudia s podobnými záujmami pôsobiaci v sektore vzdelávania dospelých. Pridajte sa ku komunite a spoznajte podobne zmýšľajúcich členov EPALE z celej Európy, s ktorými si môžete vymeniť nápady, zdroje a osvedčené postupy.

Digital creative Minds

1 member
Private space for the management of project "Digital Creative Minds" among partners

Comparing best practices across Europe

1 member
A group that explores different Educational approaches and best practices from across Europe

Career guidance

1 member
Career guidance


1 member
European operative room nurse Partager les pratiques d'évaluation et d'apprentissage des infirmières de blocs opératoires

Strengthening Social Economy (SE) through education and training

6 members
Aim is to raise awareness on SE, increase capacities and encourage sustainable collaborations among HEIs involved in SE with SE and community actors at EU level and beyond.

Changing our way of life

16 members
Changing our way of life, really Paths and experiences throwing out absurdities, violence, money, marketing everything, and give a new faith, a new goal for Europe

Inspiring the minds

8 members
Prepare and discuss the "Inspiring the minds" proposal

Transition écologique et développement durable des associations

4 members
Échanger des méthodologies innovantes en matière de transition écologique des associations

Εκπαίδευση Ενηλίκων στην Κύπρο | Adult Education in Cyprus

5 members
Purpose of group Αυτή η Κοινότητα Πρακτικής έχει δημιουργηθεί για να προωθήσει την ανταλλαγή και τη διάδοση ειδήσεων και ιδεών μεταξύ των επαγγελματιών της εκπαίδευσης ενηλίκων στην Κύπρο. - This

GIS e-Learning for Cultural Heritage

13 members
Purpose of group To create a multidisciplinary community of teachers, researchers, professionals and users interested in exchanging knowledge and experiences on the teaching-learning approaches and

Adult Inclusive Design

2 members
Purpose of group The purpose of this group is to exchange experience among the partners of Erasmus+ project, Adult Inclusive Design (2020-1-ES01-KA204-082640) and to disseminate examples of good

Easy Language for Social Inclusion

2 members
Purpose of group To exchange Easy language methodologies, resources and good practices Target audience Academics, students, researchers in andragogy Theme addressed Quality