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Κοινότητες πρακτικής

Κοινότητες πρακτικής

Οι κοινότητες πρακτικής είναι ηλεκτρονικές ομάδες συνάντησης ατόμων με παρόμοια ενδιαφέροντα που δραστηριοποιούνται στον τομέα της μάθησης ενηλίκων. Γίνετε μέλος της, για να συναντηθείτε με ομοϊδεάτες, μέλη της EPALE από όλη την Ευρώπη, και να ανταλλάξετε ιδέες, πόρους και ορθές πρακτικές.

Inclusion of Migrants by Qualified Occupation in the Tourism industry

11 Μέλη
The aim of this CP is o discuss related issues and to share knowledge regarding the essential improvement of language skills of migrants in order to boost their opportunities in the tourism sector.

INTERGEN - Inter-Generational Support Career Community of Practice

55 Μέλη
Purpose of group This group is based around the INTERGEN Erasmus+ KA2 project (2021-2022) and will form a Community of Practice for exchanges between stakeholders in the provision of Adult Education

DWC Project Erasmus +

10 Μέλη
The main aim of the DWC project is meeting the demands of the ’new normal’ and to prepare VET to facilitate innovative, digital & inter-European collaboration, so as to encourage Wellness and Cosmetic

PTMA Erasmus + project

17 Μέλη
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The primary aim of the PTMA project is to use digital technologies to more effectively prepare and accompany potential VET learner participants.

Portfolio for Employment - PFE

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Logo PFE.
Purpose of group Erasmus project in construction: 1. Facilitate job-market access for VET trainees 2. Propose learning opportunities to upskill the key competences identified as essential for the

Lifelong learning in Europe

242 Μέλη
Facilitated by the the Lifelong Learning Hub, this Community aims to bring together European experts in lifelong learning

Culture on Prescription

5 Μέλη
The ‘Culture on Prescription’ project will introduce cultural activities facilitated by informal learning and training offers for adults.

VISE - Virtual Integrated Start-ups Ecosystem

11 Μέλη
Understanding the significance of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, the aim of the VISE project is to strengthen the entrepreneurship competencies of start-uppers and wannabe entrepreneurs.

InterMedia - Implementation of Interactivity & multimedia-based content with Multiple Devices

22 Μέλη
Intermedia Project Logo.
Purpose of group This group a platform of the project "InterMedia" to exchange experiences and to develop digital skills, especially in the multimedia area within the staff of the participating

VII Forum Edukacji Dorosłych - NAGRANIA

357 Μέλη
Zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych edukacją dorosłych do obejrzenia nagrań z wystąpień i materiałów z Forum: do spotkań ze specjalistami, inspirującymi mówcami i praktykami, którzy zabiorą Was do


38 Μέλη
El propósito de esta Comunidad de Prácticas es el intercambio de información y buenas prácticas dentro de la red de embajadores.

About civil protection

22 Μέλη
Purpose of groupThe training in civil protection has become a central goal of training in many countries. Informing and raising awareness of self-protection issues is a key factor in preventing and