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EPALE - A felnőttkori tanulás elektronikus európai platformja

Female Entrepreneurship Group

23 members
Purpose of group The aim of the group is to explore and understand the best way to promote entrepreneurial skills in women, in the European context. Taking as a starting point the sharing of models

Erasmus+ FP - Comunidad Valenciana

11 members
Esta comunidad es un punto de encuentro entre profesionales de la educación en Formación Profesional de la CV, que trabajan, coordinan o participan en proyectos de internacionalización en sus centros

STEAM Boosting Soft Skills CoP

9 members
In an evolving labour market, providing soft skills is crucial. Our CoP aims to identify strategies to develop these skills through STEAM approach activities.

Soft Improve

2 members
To provide professionals and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and practice of the soft skills needed to improve their employability, career prospects and chances of success.

Adult educators digital skills - how to create learning communities online

106 members
Purpose of group Exchange experience on how to enhance digital skills among adult educators (staff, trainers, teachers). Starfsmennt, the Educational Training Centre for Public Employees, is


13 members
MINDWORK focuses on the mental health problems encountered by people of all ages from different EU countries, in particular trainees, employees and employers faced with cross-border mobility.


132 members
Zweck der Gruppe Share knowledge and exchange of expieriences Zielgruppe Anbieter von Erwachsenenbildung Thema Unterstützung für Lernende – Listing Administrator/Moderator Wolfgang BAUTZ

Lifelong learning in Europe

286 members
Facilitated by the the Lifelong Learning Hub, this Community aims to bring together European experts in lifelong learning

eGreen Erasmus+

43 members
The objective of is to develop and disseminate solutions so that VET professionals and VET learners can actively engage in a successful green digital transformation.


52 members
Motivate and empower people via new training and engagement opportunities in the field of Sustainability. Provide innovative solutions , teaching methods, research and practice to target groups, ...

JobShadowEur Erasmus+

100 members
Purpose of group JOBSHADOWEUR project aims to propose innovative virtual, blended & physical job shadowing possibilities for staff & institutions from the Adult, VET & School sectosr & maximise the

Portfolio for Employment - PFE

79 members
Logo PFE.
Purpose of group Erasmus project in construction: 1. Facilitate job-market access for VET trainees 2. Propose learning opportunities to upskill the key competences identified as essential for the