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Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe


National Support Services - France

Agence Europe Education Formation France

9 rue des Gamins - CS 71965
33088 Bordeaux cedex

+33 5 56 00 94 27 (Hélène Paumier)
  • The organisation
  • Work programme
  • The team
  • National Stakeholders

Erasmus+ Adult Education and Training

Erasmus+ France / Education & Training has been designated by the French national authorities to ensure the implementation and running of EPALE France. In the same way, it manages several programmes and community plans in the areas of education and training.

It also implements: Europass, the European Agenda for the Education and Training of Adults (EAAL), the European Language Label, and ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training). It also provides an informative role in the Euroguidance network.

All these tools and plans are covered in the context of Europe 2020, which aims to create intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth. The education and training of adults helps to promote employability, and the acquisition of skills by everyone. Priority is given to the most poorly qualified adults, and those most remote from the jobs market

The Agency's roles

Project management
The Agency assigns and controls European funding a posteriori in the context of the Erasmus+ / Education & Training programme. It advises project leaders, and ensures the qualitative monitoring and financial administration of selected projects.

Supplier of information and impetus
The Agency ensures the effective promotion of programmes, and their results, to the general public, professionals, the media and decision makers.

Throughout the year, it organises information days and workshops to raise awareness of European programmes and plans, the contexts in which they operate and the benefits they create.

It also participates in many of the activities initiated by organisations or institutions working in education and vocational training.

A rôle of strategic reflection 
The Agency participates actively in discussions on sectoral, national and international issues in the fields of education, higher education and vocational training. It therefore organises seminars and conferences, co-ordinates studies and working parties, and participates in raising the awareness of political decision-makers.


The EPALE plan is integrated into the general AEFA framework (European Agenda for Education and Training of Adults).

This Agenda, adopted in 2011, fixes five strategic orientations for Member states:

  • improvement of the quality and efficiency of the educational offer and training for adults;
  • improvement of the participation of the most poorly qualified adults in training courses;
  • promotion of fair-mindedness, social cohesion and active citizenship;
  • development of adults' creativity and their learning environment;
  • improvement of knowledge in the sector of adult education and training.

To attain these goals, it seemed essential to imagine concrete tools which could be deployed throughout Europe. The EPALE platform, created in 2014, was the appropriate answer.  It was officially launched in April 2015 in Brussels, then in several European countries (Member States and candidate countries).

In France, the national launch took place in November 2015 in the course of a conference entitled 'European collaboration in adult education and  training' (Focus Centre Inffo de l'évènement).

The European Commission and the DGEFP (General Delegation for Employment and Professional Education) are the joint funders of EPALE France. 

Aims and activities of EPALE France

EPALE objective is to promote exchanges between the different stakeholders in adult education and training, whether they be institutional, political, training or academic players, journalists, project sponsors ...

EPALE users can look for the way in which their own professional challenge was dealt with in other countries, or can discuss the problem within a blog or forum.  Common activities can arise from these exchanges, in particular through European projects. 

 To meet this objective, EPALE France's national help service leads several activities:

  • publishing current and documented texts
  • promoting multilingualism by translating numerous texts into English and French
  • working in depth on the platform's five themes
  • benefitting from the experts' network to guarantee quality publications
  • promoting the platform to increase its number of active users of the platform and diversify their profiles
  • encouraging exchanges between professionals: comments, on-line discussions, practising communities …
  • enhancing the platform's features for the display of European projects
  • ensuring regular exchanges with Erasmus+ and AEFA
  • suggesting tools and training to users, to optimise their browsing on EPALE
  • working in conjunction with other European teams

A team of experts

EPALE is surrounded by teams of experts, who add to the quality of the platform's content. They also take part in its promotion and in the organising of events.








Maitre de conférences

Université de Rouen

Quality - Professional development of staff




ITG Formation

Basic skills



Maitre de conférences

Université de Lorraine

Soutien aux apprenants - validation des acquis



Consultant Formation & Développement RH

Capital et Formation





EPALE: a place for virtual exchanges, and much more


Themed meetings

Since the start of the 2016 academic year, EPALE France has organised themed meetings where players involved in the training of adults can come together for discussion and debate.   These events follow a participative format (barcamps, workshops for small groups).  Practice communities, created on the platform, allow these exchanges to be followed.

Past meetings: 

16 September 2016 in Paris - Les bonnes pratiques du dispositif CléA : soutien aux apprenants et compétences clefs

10 October 2016 in Strasbourg - Workshop Intégration sociale et éducative des réfugiés en Europe as part of the Erasmus+ France / Education Training annual conference 

9 November 2016 in Bordeaux - Qualité de la formation et innovation pédagogique 

26 April 2017 in Paris: Digital learning and e-learning ; Impact on Life Long Learning

Future meetings:

5 July in Paris : Providing tools for adult learning stakeholders. A European challenge (in collaboration with EAAL)


Network of ambassadors

Students of four Master's degrees in the engineering of adult training were invited to become the platform's ambassadors The publication of content and organisation of events, are just some of the ways of promoting their experience of the sector via EPALE. The Master's degrees concerned are the following:


Close collaboration with EAAL's national coordinators

EPALE France and EAAL's national coordinators maintain close links: EPALE’s integration committee therefore has links with the EAAL steering committee. The achievements of EAAL's working groups are regularly promoted on the platform, in French and in English. 

These collaborations give rise to the organisation of common events, aimed at professionals in adult education and training:

5 July in Paris : Providing tools for adult learning stakeholders. A European challenge

In September, 2018 - joint French-speaking AEFA - EAAL - EPALE day (date and place to be arranged).



The EPALE France NSS will help to improve professional practice in adult learning through the following priorities:

  • Maximise and widen the participation on EPALE by France adult learning professionals
  • Provide and encourage high quality content
  • Develop synergies with Erasmus+ and the National Coordinator for the European Agenda for Adult Learning

Our target groups will be teachers, trainers, policy makers, academics and other professionals directly involved in the adult learning sector in France.

The main activities will cover the kick off meeting in Paris in November, and, development phases and will include:

  • Promotion of the platform to adult learning professionals through a communication strategy which maximises the use of multipliers
  • Direct (face to face) and digital engagement with professionals and stakeholders active in the sector through national and regional events and outreach
  • Sourcing and generating high quality contents to submit to the platform themes, library, calendar and blogs.
  • Working closely with several experts that will provide high quality content and exchanges on the platform.
  • Regular liaison with the Erasmus+ National Agency, National Coordinator for the implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning and other National Support Structures

The main outputs will be:

  • Number of participants in France EPALE events
  • Number of French-based adult learning professionals registered on EPALE
  • Amount of new material submitted and published on EPALE by French users and experts
  • An active and relevant French national page within the platform

The results will be an active and sustainable French EPALE community of users that is making a tangible contribution to the quality of adult learning.


Camille Poiraud is responsible for the day to day management and coordination of the work of the EPALE France NSS. She also ensures synergies with the work of Erasmus+, the National Coordinator for the Agenda for Adult Learning and other key stakeholders and multipliers.

Hélène Paumier is the Resources Manager. She is responsible for identifying and collecting high quality materials. She will be working directly with adult learning professionals and stakeholders in order to understand their needs identify content and promote EPALE as ambassadors.

Johanna Despouys is the communication Manager. She will be managing a range of targeted marketing activities to raise awareness and promote EPALE France.

Yasmine Djama is our accounting manager for EPALE France and Magalie Verhaeghe is our administrative manager – They will be in relation with our partners and experts for EPALE France.

You can contact any member of the team using our helpline:

Phone: 05 56 00 41 47


Les acteurs clés en France - France National stakeholders


Cette liste n’est pas exhaustive et se doit d’être alimentée, elle a cependant le mérite de donner un état des lieux des acteurs présents et actifs en France dans le champ de l’éducation et de la formation des adultes.

This list is in not exhaustive and needs to be continued. Nevertheless it may give you a broad overview of the adult learning sector in France.


Réseaux et organisations nationales clé en éducation des adultes

Key adult education organisations & networks


Les décideurs / Policy makers:

  • Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche

  • DGEFP Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Santé,149/presentation-du-ministere,294/conjointement-avec-le-ministre-de,742/la-delegation-generale-a-l-emploi,12662.html

  • Ministère de la culture et de la communication

  • Ministère de l’agriculture

  • Secrétariat Général de l'Enseignement Catholique


Organisations officielles officiant dans le champ de l’éducation des adultes / General “official” organisations with a focus on adult education

  • Conférence des directeurs de la formation continue des universités

  • Ministère de l’éducation nationale : délégations académiques à la formation continue

  • CNED (Centre national d’éducation à distance) :


  • Missions locales

  • Fédération des centres sociaux

  • Conservatoire national des arts et métiers

  • Conseil national de la fonction publique territoriale

  • Centre INFFO – Information on Lifelong vocational training in France

  • CIEP – Centre International d’études pédagogiques

  • Pôle emploi

  • Agence Nationale de lutte contre l’illettrisme (ANLCI) (National Agency and a regional network)

  • Agefish -professional integration for handicap persons in private companies

  • Fédération de la formation professionnelle


Autres associations et réseaux nationaux

Other national associations and networks


COFAC (network of associations and networks)


Association des universités populaires de France

Union Française de l’université de tous âges

Université populaire des parents (UPP-ACEPP)

Fédération des familles rurales

Recit (réseau des écoles de citoyens)

Association pour la promotion du label APP

GREP (research)

Centre d’information sur les droits des femmes et familles

Association pour l’enseignement et la formation des travailleurs immigrés

Peuple et culture

Ligue de l’enseignement

Centres Entraînement aux méthodes d’éducation active  (CEMEA)


Le Groupe Français d'Education Nouvelle



Organisations Régionales /Regional organisations

CRI – Centre Ressources Illettrisme (in the ANLCI network)




Fondations, instituts de recherches et universités/HE institutions, research institutes and key stakeholders


National/ National:

Fondation des régions européennes pour la recherche, l’éducation et la formation

Conférence des directeurs de la formation continue des universités

L’Institut national de recherche pédagogique

Céreq - Centre d'études et de recherches sur les qualifications

Gehfa – Study Group for the History of Adult Education and Training

GREP (research)




l'Université de Bretagne Occidentale – Dept for Continuing Education

 Le CUEEP - Institut de l’Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, Département Sciences de l’Education et formation d’adultes

 Collège Coopératif en Bretagne