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Erasmus+ Popup Restaurant - innovative e-learning route to self-entreprenurship in line with ECVET procedures

The so called Pop-up restaurants or underground restaurants are quickly becoming an alternative to traditional dining out, particularly in this difficult economic era. A Pop-up restaurant offers many of the same benefits as a traditional brick and mortar restaurant, without the high cost of opening. This new tendency can be considered as a development of the “chef at home” phenomenon. Yet, these Pop-up restaurants are not only organising single dinners but real social events with 10/12 /20 places or more.

The meeting places between Pop-up restaurants and customers come in special platforms. The widest Italian community is, really appreciated also The movement of the Pop-up restaurants is increasing so much that also in the big worldwide platform Airbnb a service for booking Pop-up restaurants will be active soon.


The business catering training will be focused on sustainable food like zero miles and organic ingredients to give life to a zero impact and green business giving the opportunity to eat healthy.

On crowd funding sites, home restaurants is one of the most popular activity today. The possibilities of employment are many, hence this is why the Home restaurant project aims at designing an on-line learning course available in all the languages of the partnership for use across Europe, especially in partner countries to train long term unemployed to become self entrepreneurs and starting up their own business as a real and qualified job.

The Pop-up restaurant curriculum will be based on standards of the European Qualification Framework for lifelong learning (EQF) in line with the ECVET procedures.

The activities and results of the project are:

  1. common curriculum - Drawing a common route of the 100 hour curriculum on self entrepreneurship on Pop-up restaurant leveled in accordance with ECVET procedures in partner organisations countries and provide leveling at around EQF level 2 or 3 which is workplace level qualifications. Results: 100-hour ECVET certified training module procedures and standards.
  2. Adaptation of the curriculum in e-learning – Adaptation of the Model into My Clyde platform managed by Glasgow Clyde College.
  3. Piloting the Popup restaurant Curriculum - testing the model in Italy, Spain, Latvia, Germany and UK. Result: final piloting report.
  4. Popup restaurant work-placement – placement of the trainees into business of the sector followed and supported by a project and business tutor. Result: report of the work-placement.
  5. Dissemination activities: the project will be disseminated by using the web site, the brochures and dissemination meetings in each country. Results: dedicated web site, information brochures, local dissemination conferences.
  6. Evaluation and quality control: following the evaluation strategy the project will be monitored and controlled to see that results and activities are developed. Result: evaluation reports.

Target groups are:

  • unemployed people who want to start up their own business. The project aims at reaching more than 50 people during its lifetime in each country.
  • trainers/teachers who will benefit from new and dynamic training materials with a proven track record and the transfer of these materials. The project aims at reaching more or less 100 trainers along the project.
  • employer associations: they may deliver the course for unemployed people giving them strong bases to start up their business.

Throughout the lifetime of the project 50 VET professionals across 6 countries will be directly exposed to these techniques through their practical application in a VET environment. This is likely to impact on more than 250 students as the trainers test their new competencies and resources. The products will be distributed to over 300 organisations through web sites and various partner networks.

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