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Animated video: Learning Dutch Quickly? Actor Pol Goossen tells the story.

In this (Dutch spoken but also in English subtitled) animated video a famous Flemish soap actor Pol Goossen tells the story of Gloria, Samira en Ludwik. These are three people taking classes to learn Dutch. “At first I thought learning Dutch goes in the same way for everybody and that in the end everyone can speak Dutch fluently", says Pol. But the road to speaking Dutch very well is long and full of obstacles. The same efforts don't necessarily lead to the same results. And not everybody ultimately reaches the same level. ""If we all make a little effort", concludes Pol, "then we can understand eachother perfectly." This is the big challenge for a society that considers understanding and speaking Dutch as a key factor to integration.

The video is an initiative of sector Samenlevingsopbouw (sector community building) and Centra voor Basiseducatie (centers for basic education) in cooperation with the Houses of Dutch. The video is made by Studio Camp in cooperation with Theatre Vonk.

The video has Dutch and English subtitles. Just select the right subtitles on Youtube.


More information? Ann Graulus, community worker at Samenlevingsopbouw Antwerpen city, 0032 473 85 37 05,

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Samenlevingsopbouw, Centra voor Basiseducatie in cooperation with Huizen van het Nederlands.
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