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Projects and partnerships

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Dear EPALE colleagues,

Our thematic focus for October was on the topic of projects and partnerships on adult learning. During this time, EPALE’s national teams and the community published a number of inspiring case studies, articles, reports and other resources.

View a summary of our October focus, prepared by Thematic Coordinator Gina Ebner (EN)

In line with the European Vocational Skills Week 2018, we would like to invite you to join EPALE’s live discussion on the role of adult learning in helping career development.  The discussion will be in English and will take place on this page on 22 November 2018. It will be moderated by EPALE Thematic Coordinator David Mallows.

We hope to see you there!


Blog posts

Partnerships in adult learning: what are the benefits, and for whom? (EN, RO)

Aleksandra Kozyra from the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) shared inspiring stories of cooperation across Europe, which the EAEA has collected throughout 2018.

How to tackle the carbon footprint of European projects (EN)

Markus Palmén reflected on the environmental cost of European mobility projects and the need for better built-in incentives for environmentally sustainable projects.

Top tips on how to make your adult learning project eco-smarter (EN)

How to reduce the environmental impact of international projects? Take a look at the tips, compiled by the environmental NGO ECOS.

Long-duration mobility for young adults in VET: challenges and opportunities (EN)

Andrew McCoshan talked about the challenges and solutions related to long-duration learning mobility.

Join the development of a phonics-based mobile app for European adult literacy learners (EN)

Diane Gardner told EPALE about a promising project that develops adult literacy courses, tutor training materials and digital learning resources for teaching literacy to adults.

What can we learn from Portuguese adult education? (EN)

Paula Guimarães reflected on the challenges that adult education faces in Portugal and what lessons other countries and the EU can draw from that.

European policy tools and frameworks: tackling terminology (EN)

Paul Guest on the importance of consolidating terminology in the area of recognition of learning across Europe.


News from around Europe

October was a busy month for the adult learning sector across Europe:


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Het thema van oktober was projecten en partnerschappen in de volwasseneneducatie. Gedurende deze maand hebben de nationale teams en de leden van EPALE een aantal inspirerende praktijkvoorbeelden gepubliceerd alsook artikelen, verslagen en andere bronnen.