BOUNCEBACK Erasmus+ integrating former athletes into employment through training

The project BOUNCEBACK is an Erasmus+ program with the aim of integrating former athletes into employment and business through an innovative training.

The University of Pannonia is leading a strategic partnership under Erasmus+ the title of which is 'BOUNCEBACK - Developing an innovative learning approach to facilitate the integration of veteran/retired athletes into employment, business and entrepreneurship'. The partners in the project are AEK Athletic Club, A.S.D. Società Sportiva Lazio Karate, Militos Consulting S.A., R&DO LIMITED, University and Student Athletics Club of Veszprém (VEDAC).

Objectives and deliverables The project’s main objective is to develop an innovative training approach for veteran athletes that will transfer the skills veteran athletes acquired during their sports career into skills useful for their success in the entrepreneurial and business world, and provide targeted support for veteran athletes who aim to become successful professionals in the labour market or entrepreneurs. This objective encompasses the following 4 specific objectives:

  • Match-make the mind-set, attitude, skills, competences of veteran professional athletes (of all different types) with the needs businesses have in soft skills in different sectors of the economy and develop guidelines on how the transfer of skills can take place from sports to other sectors.
  • Develop the learning materials and instruments that veteran athletes will use to transfer their skills to their new careers.
  • Ensure the practical hands-on applicability of the approach through pilot training sessions.
  • Develop policy recommendations to ensure the wide diffusion of the approach in the EU.

Check out our project-lauch video-clip here.

What's happened so far in the BOUNCEBACK Erasmus+ project? Due to the pandemic our first transnational project meeting on 19th October 2020 was held online, as were all the subsequent project-meetings. The first real face-to-face transnational project meeting took place in Athens on 27th September 2021. Our results so far:

  • We have interviewed businesspeople and athletic organisations about the mind-set and soft skills needed in sports as well as in different sectors of the economy.
  • We have set up an online match-making tool to assess the attitudes and competences of (veteran/retired) professional athletes and point out the domains in which they have the greatest potential to succeed as employees or entrepreneurs.

We are currently working on a 3-module training in which the participants can map their personal competences, learn what transversal competences are and how they can be presented and used in developing a successful employment or business career. An online platform is being developed to host the training and facilitate the flow of information while providing mentoring / tutoring opportunities. 

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