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Trainers save the Planet - The Eco-Guidebook and Six Rules to Follow

Trainers save the Planet is an initiative of Polish trainers and Facebook group members Trainers Training Trainers, who care about the future of our planet. The action aims to promote pro-ecological activities in the community of educators.

A logo was designed for this action, the Six Rules to Follow and this unique Eco-Guidebook were developed. It shows how to prepare an educational event in the most Earth-friendly way possible:

You can find the information:

  1. How to choose a pro-ecological training or workshop location?
  2. How to consider when choosing a menu?
  3. What kind of training aids and tools should be used?
  4. How to implement actions that can inspire customers and suppliers to fight the environmental crisis?

The guidebook was prepared for the Trainers save the Planet project. Any commercial use, sharing for a fee and adoption other than for educational purposes is FORBIDDEN. Both the trademark and the developed content may be used in an unmodified form only for educational purposes, with the source being mentioned.

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Mirosław Bachorz, Joanna Konczanin
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Open Educational Resources
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