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Parameters to map background learning of adult learners

Improving Guidance and Counselling in Adult Learning was a two-year project of Erasmus+ KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education, funded by European Union, which increased the quality of adult education by innovating effective ways of lifelong guidance and counselling. The aim was to develop a pedagogical tool to map background learning parameters of adult learners[1], to expand and develop the skills of counsellors[2] who support these adult learners and, therefore, break new ground of lifelong guidance and counselling.

You will find the articles attached below in all translated languages (ENG, PT, SLO, NL).

[1] Some of the definitions of adult learners put emphasis upon the age, whereas other focus upon breaks in schooling or responsibilities and functions that adults are required to carry out in their lives. In this handbook the adult learners are the participants in adult learning opportunities. They form a heterogeneous group of individuals with different educational biographies and diversified educational needs.

[2] In this handbook, it will be used the word “counsellors” when referring to tutors/teachers/trainers/educators/social work technicians, psychologists, among others, because depending on the context, all these professionals may be involved in the guidance and counselling in adult learning.

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