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AMICA is a non-profit organization established in 1984 whose mission is to discover the capabilities that exist in every person and their limitations in supporting, encouraging the greatest possible autonomy, enjoyment of basic rights and citizenship responsibilities and participation in the community.

As a vision, Amica aims to support people to develop their projects within the community through innovative actions.

Declared of public interest on March 26, 1993, is maintained by public funds through grants and concerts, and donations from private entities, in addition to the contributions of 1185 associated persons (at date 2019).

AMICA consists of families, persons with disabilities and professionals and external experts. It represents a model of direct involvement of management and stakeholders. State level, by mainly operates in the autonomous community of Cantabria and Valencia.

The Association has 3 Especial Employment Centres: SOEMCA EMPLOYMENT SL dedicated to the business of garment manufacturing and industrial washing, SAEMA EMPLOYMENT SL and DIVERSIA EMPLOYMENT S.L allocated to environmental activities. It has 26 cores and activity centers.

 Amica has supported 1829 people through the following types of support: social care, multidisciplinary assessment, rehabilitation, personal support and home, day care, accommodation and support for independent living, training, employment and leisure. The team consist of more 200 professionals.

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