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A simple video editor that can be used to ensure customized E-Learning lessons


In response to the Covid-19 emergency, in almost all European countries the suspension of learning activities and closure of schools and training agencies has been decided as well as the simultaneous activation of e-learning. The CAnVASS+ (Content Audio Video mAnagement SyStem Plus) project, a strategic partnership Erasmus+ in the field of School Education; approved by the Italian National Agency Indire, has developed a video editor for teachers that can contribute to the continuity and customization of students; learning, especially for the most vulnerable groups.Through the CANVASS + video editor, every teacher and / or trainer, even those with low digital skills, can create multimedia training packages for their students.CANVASS + is a project that has created not only a software to edit e-learning lessons (free of charge) but also a toolkit of good practices, aiming at increasing the availability of training materials accessible remotely by teachers and students ( + is also a project that offers tools to limit early school leaving by keeping participation active, also from those students for whom participation in learning processes needs to be strengthened.

The platform developed within the framework of the CAnVASS+ Content Audio Video mAnagement SyStem; project, already available free of charge, allows the teacher to customize lessons, according to the needs of both the class group and individual students. It is a tool designed to allow the creation of lessons in five simple steps, using an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.The software features avatars and interactive scenarios, in which audio files, text files, images, in- depth focus boxes, etc. can be inserted. Through the CAnVASS+ platform, the learning content will be transformed into a video file that can be shared through Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.

With CAnVASS +, each teacher, even those with low digital skills, will be able to prepare lessons accessible in e-learning mode, in a short time and enhancing the quality of teaching. Accessing the platform is quick and easy: through any search engine, simply enter the link and create the platform access login.The lesson can be created both by using predefined templates and by creating new ones, inserting everything that can contribute to make teaching more and more customized on your target. The lesson can be saved and also exported as a video, in mp4 format, to ensure full sharing with students.Therefore, the teacher in a few simple steps and with specific digital tools will be able to create lessons:

With sounds, images, animations and avatars;

Define the duration of each screen that makes up a lesson;

Save the video lesson in a personal area;

Export the lesson file in mp4 format.

A quick tip to make your videos effective and usable: it is recommended that the duration of the video lessons does not exceed 5 minutes.

The future is increasingly geared towards digital transformation and training has to benefit from adequate supports to ensure the improvement of today didactics, CAnVASS+ aims at providing a contribution towards this direction.

To obtain more information and / or assistance in using the products, please contact


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Erasmus+ Project id code: 2017-1-IT02-KA201-036749


E.RI.FO. Ente di ricerca e formazione, ItaliaIstituto d'Istruzione Superiore Via Sarandì, ItaliaFondazione Mondo Digitale, ItaliaConfederacion Espanola de Centros de Ensenanza Asociacion C.E.C.E., SpagnaProemasa Las Chapas C, SpagnaRegional Directorate of Primary And Secondary Education of Crete, Grecia4th Vocational School of Heraklion – GreciaBest Cybernetics Single Member Private Company, GreciaLiceul Tehnologic de Transporturi, Romania

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It is interesting. Also applicable for pupil with low digital skills. Only one question - in this article is no information about target audience. But how it works for small school children? First time mom or dad has to sit next to child and help. Normally pupil has to do tasks by himself, parents can't be permanently and give advice.
As I checked it can't be used for smaller school children, to complicated.
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Dear Guna
Thank you very much for your interest and sorry for the very late reply.
The software is directed to teachers and students of lower and upper secondary schools. It is a bit too complicated for Primary school students, but it can be interesting for teachers to prepare presentations for their classes.
If you're interested in knowing more about the argument feel free to write me at
Best wishes
Andrea Ranelletti
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This is a very interesting tool.  At present DG Employment in the European Commission is undertaking a mapping of useful resources, tools and on-line material to be shared in EPALE, as well as our internet sites, addressed to teachers, trainers, public authorities to make the distance learning easier.
I might integrate this tool in the list that we will prepare.
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