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EPALE - Електронна платформа за учене на възрастни в Европа


Language support for adult refugees - A Council of Europe Toolkit

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Language support for adult refugees.








The Council of Europe is the continent’s leading human rights organisation (47 member states; headquarters in Strasbourg, France). It aims to create a common democratic and legal area throughout the continent where respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law are ensured. All the Council of Europe’s actions are shaped by these values and by an enduring concern to promote social inclusion and cohesion, and respect for diversity.

For several decades one of the Council’s major education programmes has developed policy and guidelines to promote linguistic diversity and plurilingualism, and reference instruments to support policy and curricula planning in member states (

The Council of Europe has developed a toolkit to help volunteers and refugees in member states face the linguistic challenges caused by large-scale movements of refugees.

The toolkit comprises the 57 tools and other resources contained in the various sections of this website. Tools can be downloaded (seperately or in bulk) and adapted to meet the needs of different contexts.  The website gives a lot of suggestions in the sections Preparation  and planning and Activities.

The toolkit is designed to assist organisations, and especially volunteers, providing language support for adult refugees. Throughout the toolkit “refugee” is understood in a broad sense and includes asylum seekers as well as refugees.

To the homepage of the site

To the resources where you will find the list of all tools, the glossary and a selection of useful links


Language support adult refugees resources.


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