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New MOOC: Erasmus+ funding opportunities for adult education providers

MOOC Erasmus+ funding opportunities for adult education providers

A good application for a project does not only significantly increase your chances of a funding request being approved, but also provides you with a solid base for your project start and implementation. In this brand-new EPALE course, you will learn about the adjustments and changes made to the Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) and will get useful and practical insights into the process around funding approval. 

The MOOC will provide you with concrete details on KA1 and KA2 projects, as well as supporting documents and tools that can guide and help you throughout the application writing. 

Additionally, three lessons will also give you an insight into the concrete steps of the application process, the assessment process and how to best communicate with your National Agency. The MOOC has a very practical approach and will provide valuable insights and concrete Dos and Don'ts. Rather than repeating the information provided by the Commission that is publicly available, this MOOC will help you to understand better the process from an NA/assessor's viewpoint and what that means for your application drafting.

A low-threshold course

This course is hosted on EUAcademy and it is free of charge. You only need a EULogin account to enrol.

You can either use your laptop and learn from home, or use your tablet/smartphone and have a look at the lectures on the go. It is up to you!

By having summarised almost all lessons in infographics and short animated videos, you can even have a quick look at the content and whether it is relevant for you, before diving into the lesson.

The main lessons on "Application process and writing", "Assessment process" and "Application and Dos and Don'ts" are available as a video presentation.

Learning objectives and outcomes

After having followed the eight lessons, participants will have learnt about:

  • Erasmus+ programme's adjustments and changes;

  • which information is available and useful for them;

  • what to consider when choosing project partners;

  • the application and assessment processes of applications.

Participants will:

  • have learnt where to find which tools, helping them to further learn about E+;

  • better be able to avoid common snares during application planning and writing; 

  • be familiarised with the processing required to assess and decide on applications;

  • have improved their understanding of how to successfully approach their National Agency;

  • be better equipped to tackle future E+ project endeavours.

Some lessons include a link to a survey question that will help the participants see, e.g. where other learners are coming from, what kind of feedback applicants have received in the past, or which part of the project cycle has been the most challenging for others. It is marked with "Let us know!".

Connection with EPALE

With the EU continuously looking for ways to support European Adult Educators further, this course has been developed for the EPALE community of ALE stakeholders and supporters to increase their chances of receiving E+ funding.

Adult Education has always been a cornerstone of the EU community but has become even more crucial in recent years. To face the challenges of today, we have to enable adult educators in Europe and beyond, to work on their mission and achieve their goals to develop, further and disseminate ALE offerings and tools.

To access the MOOC, follow this link, click "Enrol", and start learning!

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