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VIRTEC: Development of Virtual Learning Environments in Technical Higher Education

VIRTEC is a simulator developed for an Erasmus+ partnership.

The main objective of the project Development of Virtual Learning Environments in Technical Higher Education (2018-1-EE01-KA203-047108) is to support the development of virtual learning environment for the effective use by technical higher education students.

In order to achieve this goal, a virtual house simulator will be created for students of the field of construction.

The project is funded by the ERASMUS+.

The partners of the consortium have different backgrounds and they will bring their experience and skills to successfully develop virtual learning environments in technical higher education.

The project consortium consists of 5 organisations: TTK UAS (Estonia), VGTU (Lithuania), Multikultura (Poland), UPSET (Croatia), and Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education (Turkey).

TTK UAS Estonia is the main coordinator and in charge of the project. The tasks also include working on creating all the learning material and writing research papers.

VGTU Lithuania is engaged in the bulk of the work on modelling, design, and writing research papers.

Multikultura Poland advertised training materials in Europe.

UPSET Croatia carries out advertising and promoting educational material in Europe.

Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education Turkey is engaged in modelling, graphic design and promotion of learning material in Turkey and abroad.

The task of the simulator is to make it possible to inspect the structures of the virtual house only with the help of the Internet and available gadgets, without additional accessories or a licensed program.

The simulator is an Internet website that quickly opens and functions at the user's choice.

To create the simulator, computer programs REVIT and AutoCAD for modelling by drawings, Phyton for programming are used.

Visitors of our website can try several simulators: preliminary model of house, model of house wall part, second model of the house, third model of the house, 

To use the simulator, you can scroll to zoom in-out or move the mouse while holding the left key for turns.

Other functions of the simulator are on the screen.

Enjoy - it's cool!

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Olga Ovtšarenko, Elena Safiulina, John Rodriquez, Daiva Makuteniene, Edgaras Timinskas
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Open Educational Resources
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