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Tools and Games against Cyberbullying

The publication "Tools and Games against Cyberbullying" is a result of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership with the same title. Four partners from Czech Republic (project coordinator), Slovakia, Estonia and Germany cooperated from September 2016 till August 2018 in order to exchange knowledge, new and proved approaches in the fight against Cyberbullying and other risks of the internet.

Especially young persons are extremely threatened. Therefore the project was focused on preventive eduation of the use of the internet and communication technologies. Many interesting games and tools like webinars against cyberbullying can be found in the publication. The script is interesting for teachers, managers, parents and for all who are concerned with the topic.

The publication is available as Open Educational Resource in a PDF-format. The free download can be found on the homepage of one of the authors.


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Association "Don't be a victim", Ostrava, Czech Republic
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Open Educational Resources
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