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TooB – Thinking outside of the box - A creativity Toolbox

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

The long-term stagnation of the unemployment rate of the European Union, the failure of the Lisboan goal of raising the employment rate up to 70% of the active population by 2010, and the recent economic crisis point out that new competences are needed from workers who want to find, or keep a job.

On one hand, employees have to be very flexible and able to accommodate to the fast changing labour market. On the other hand, in order to create new jobs, new enterprises have to be established, based on new ideas. That’s why improving creative thinking is becoming a crucial factor in all levels of education, but especially in adult education, which is „directly connected” to the economy. Creativity is the key in how to adopt to fast changing circumstances and also how to review one’s former experiences and make something new, useful and profitable from this knowledge.

The above mentioned negative circumstances on the labour market endanger especially the following target groups:

  • young graduates, without a job, and without former work-experience;
  • unemployed people, who need to learn and start something new;
  • elderly or already retired people (aged 60+) , who have a lot of experiences, still - want to live an active life, but it’s hard for them to keep up with the changes or get in contact with younger generations;
  • immigrants or handicapped people, who face cultural or physical burdens when entering the labour market.

Our project, „Thinking outside of the box” aims to give teachers and trainers in adult education useful tools

  • how to encourage these people, to „rethink” their lives,
  • how to develop their ability to tolerate changes and turn disadvantage into a virtue,
  • how to improve their creative thinking in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills,
  • and how to make connections with other groups/generations in order to get new impressions, learn from each other and motivate each other.

The project provides a handbook, a blog and a newsletter - all very useful if you want to enhance creativity in peoples lives.


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