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Learning to Tackle Poverty

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The Tackling Poverty learning partnership (2013 - 2015) supported the exchange of good practice and knowledge around the delivery of adult learning to tackle issues related to poverty. The project built the capacity of adult educators to develop strategies to engage the hardest to reach in adult learning. Lifelong learning can make a major contribution to sustaining economic and social well-being. However those who could benefit most from engaging in adult learning generally participate in lower numbers. The partnership recognised that poverty contributes to inequality and social exclusion, however learning can transform the lives of individuals, their families and the wider community.

The partnership provided a series of workshops, learner stories and study visits to exchange ideas and showcase innovative projects, around the key themes of:

Skills for work - unemployment and worklessness 
Reaching parents through family learning
Engaging Older people, Men and Minority Ethnic communities
The impact of learning on health & well-being 

This brochure was developed as a result of the partnership which shared approaches and good practice, with case studies and learner stories to illustrate successful methodology. In addition the brochure reviews promotional and outreach activity by project partners and offers some guidance and tips on reaching new learners and increasing participation.


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NIACE CYMRU, Learn for Life, SVEB, HFHSS, WYDA, ZIK Črnomelj, Kedainiai Adult Education Centre and AMKE
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