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Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on teaching and learning in higher education

Realising that technologies, computing capacities, intelligent machines and artificial intelligence in general had become a significant and unavoidable part od teaching and learning in modern age, it struck me that I knew so little about the new phenomenon. The strange was the fact that I used and relied on artificial intelligence a lot without even realising it. The realisation set me on the way of exploring the world of the very phenomenon, its advantages and disadvantages, impact and all the possibilities it offers in education. One of the first papers I came across is precisely the one I recommend here - Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on teaching and learning in higher education, written by Stefan A. D. Popenici and Sharon Kerr.

As stated in the abstract, the paper explores ''the phenomena of the emergence of the use of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning in higher education" as well as ''educational implications of emerging technologies on the way students learn and how institutions teach and evolve". It explores ''recent technological advancements and the increasing speed of adopting new technologies in higher education in order to predict the future nature of higher education in a world where artificial intelligence is part of the fabric of our universities''. Finally, it pinpoints ''some challenges for institutions of higher education and student learning in the adoption of these technologies for teaching, learning, student support, and administration and explores further directions for research'.'

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Artificial intelligence, learning, teaching
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Stefan A. D. Popenici and Sharon Kerr
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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