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EBSN Annual Conference 2013 - Evidence for policy and practice decision making for adult literacy skills training in Canada

This presentation is given on the Annual Conference of the European Basic Skills Networks (EBSN) in Madrid in 2013. The title of the conference is ‘Opening doors - Developing partnerships for basic skills training beyond the classroom’.

The results of a policy research about adult literacy in Canada can be read in the presentation. In addition there are some actions taken by The Canadian government presented.

The research generates evidence for the democratic process of public policy, addresses issues such as:

  • Why is the development of adult literacy important today and in the future for Canada?
  • How do Canada compare internationally?
  • How big is the literacy issue? Can it be prevented?
  • What kind of programs needed? How durable are the results?


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Satya Brink
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Studies and Reports
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