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Citizens of public life and digital learning JSTE

1) All partners completed a PRELIMINARY RESEARCH REPORT about the state of the art integration and employment policies in partners' countries and Europe.It was utilised as the starting point for the discussion and one 1 report per partner was required from each country. The preliminary research report was in English and published on the website.

Also, all partners completed the GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLES (GP) about European cases of integration by social and digital learning and covering all the topics (Active Citizenship and Community Building,Cultural Awareness) for that we started with a Survey on youth workers first.

Open Government,Urban Sharing Lifestyles,Social Communication Methodology,Digital Literacy,and Digital Education)–available in English and all Partners' national languages -15 GP per partner

2)The selection of Best Practice (BP) during project meetings, collection in a handbook translated in all partners'National languages.15 GP per partner including an integrated approach(description of the practice, disruptive methodology/approach,practical details,links to website and other materials e.g. photos/videos)

3)Create a WEBSITE integrated with Blog and Social Networks containing MATERIALS. TRANSLATED into all partners' National languages to promote and encourage as much inclusion as possible.

4)We have the NEWSLETTERS - 2 project newsletters – 2 each year one was creaed by Turkish partner Newsletters have been released with a journalistic approach used to detail and show the project's activities and events including photos, interactive links to the videos, interviews of internal staff and stakeholders.

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