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The Vocational school of catering and service is a a secondary vocational school, teaching students in a technical and vocational school. Students are 14-19 years old. We have started European cooperation since 2004 as a sending and host partner. We have completed many projects by the frame od Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Erasmus+, POWER. 

The results of the projects are the so-called soft results, for example: professional, language, interpersonal skills, attitudes, beliefs and habits gained by students and teachers.  Each participant has the opportunity to use the results in his/her daily life and work. Participation of teachers ensure the continuation of results and impact on a larger scale. We also count on positive changes in the attitude of students by increasing motivation to acquire knowledge, skills and school attendance, as well as attitudes related to tolerance, respect for various communities and groups of national minorities, openness, a sense of European identity, involvement in school and local affairs, European, interest in European affairs. Long-term benefits are felt by the participants themselves, the school community, local community and the labor market depending on the participants' career paths, as well as the partners coimplementing the project.

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