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Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association


YEPA – is a non-profit organisation with goal to promote entrepreneurship and its education, successful integration into the labour market and adaptation to business needs for different target groups with focus on sustainable solutions. Organisation initiates and implements projects in fields of youth, women, migrants and other target groups social, economic and digital skills development under the widely known Programmes like ERASMUS+ and Europe for Citizens as well as national ones. Organisation stresses out and promotes environment friendly issues as circular economy, ecological designing, energy management and other. YEPA is an implementation partner and an administrator of one of the most used digital tools for youth internship in Lithuania – a platform . YEPA implemented national project “Seven sea captains” that that promoted youth entrepreneurship and was implemented using unique and universal “CREAzone” methodology that can be used for entrepreneurial and employability skills development of any target group. YEPA Project Managers are experts of the “CREAzone” methodology.

European level project experience includes “Innovating youth work to foster youth active citizenship, (social) entrepreneurship and (self)employability” which promoted social and general entrepreneurship, self-employability and active citizenship and social inclusion through various innovative and digital tools, such as creation of e-learning platform, study analysis and implementation of a new curriculum and training courses. Aim of the project “EnlargeEUrope” was to promote significance of EU Enlargement process by connecting past and present EU experience and engage present and future generations of EU citizens what was achieved through an online dissemination campaign. At the moment, together with partners YEPA has started a project “Knowledge Alliance of Business idea Assessment: Digital Approach” in which during the 36 months will be created an artificial intelligence tool that will help youth to evaluate potential success of their business plans.

YEPA initiates projects and implement project activities, such as: research, non-formal training, networking, raising public awareness, initiating contests and conferences on entrepreneurship (of youth, women, migrants) topics, initiating integration into the labor market activities, adaptation to business needs, social integration of migrants and other.

YEPA has 5 full-time employees from which 3 are experts, financial manager and administrative assistant.

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