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TP-theatre is a Swedish NGO, established in the early 1990´s in Gothenburg by producer and manager Esso Petersson.

For nearly 30 years has we qualitatively and professionally working with theatre. In all our projects, "the history of tomorrow is created by the audience". Even if our main purpose is theatre it has led us in to other interesting working areas where theatre as an educational and training tool has been proved to be very useful.

Esso is the founder of "CPT", Cultural Pedagogical Theatre. A world wide- unique creative tool using theatre as a flexible tool to prevent and intervent on different social issues.

The CPT-tools consist of three different Interactive theatre methods: Interactive Form Theatre IFT, Interactive Design-Theatre IDT and Interactive Script-Writing ISW.

CPT methodology has its theoretical background from different disciplines, both theatre traditions but also pedagogical traditions and social psychology.

The core and essence of CPT is to make the audience/trainees an active and decisive role in the performance based on the target group/s experience, thoughts, questioning, own capacity and range of participation. CPT identifies situations, subjects for its use to develop skills in the context of the projects main theme.

The results when using CPT are tangible and intangible, the syllogisms and synergies resulting from the theatre performances accentuate the topic/s taken up in the play/s.

People learn in different way/s that are most of the times connected to their own background, therefore the CPT is used to make a wider range of understanding both within and outside the society. CPT is also used as a form of teaching and training process that could be used in all kinds of subjects.

TP-Theatre has been working in European projects since 2008.

And since 2012 have we specialized in CPT Education for social workers, teachers, psychologists, headmasters and the health care sector.

We are interested to participate in ongoing or upcoming European projects focused on learning and education.

Feel free to contact us if you have any kind of questions.

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