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Polish Blind Association


Polish Association of the Blind was founded in 1951. We are a national association. Polish Blind Association has the status of public benefit organization. 12 field units in Opole region brings together nearly 1,800 ordinary members and 110 children under 16 years of age. Every year number of our members grows, and the problem of deteriorating eyesight or even its loss, from year to year becomes more and more of a threat for the growing population. For many years we carried out projects financed by public funds, which mainly focus on health and social rehabilitation of people with poor eyesight and the blind, teaching them self-reliance, counteracting their social isolation, withdrawal from active life, a sense of loneliness, "worthless life". The presence of the association is accentuated in the national structures - 16 districts of the Polish Association of the Blind (over 73 thousand. Members) and multinational (membership in the World Blind Union WBU and the European Blind Union, EBU). We have experience in european projects. Our previous projects, addressed to the visually impaired were based largely on the implementation of programs from PFRON: Partner and Limitation Implications of Disability programs implemented in the framework of competitions won among other things by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture, the European Social Fund. We have perfectly prepared and qualified staff and specialists. We provide workshops and social - professional conduct guidance and counseling, learning orientation in the field using sense stimuli. We learn to walk with a white cane, we train for self-learning activities, daily life, we teach to deal with the daily activities. We are teaching how to operate computer using specialized software for the blind and visually impaired. We assist in raising, training and maintaining dogs, training teachers, parents and rehabilitation instructors, professionals working with blind. Visually impaired learn the operation of the new economic realities such as help in setting up their own businesses. We promote new forms of employment. In the specially designed office named TYFLOSTUDIO we employ: psychologists, guidance counselors, lawyers, IT professional and assistance instructors. Our activity spread wider every year. Polish Blind Association set new directions and standards for rehabilitation of visually impaired. We are taking action for the implementation of needed changes or adverse modification of legislation concerning environmental and social life of blind and partially-sighted.

We would like to take part and develop  projects focused on: education, citizens right, civic participation, vocational training, social development, human interaction, entrepreneurship and social inclusion. 

Contact us and let´s work together!

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