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Museum of Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, Italy


Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore is engaged in promoting and spreading knowledge on its relevant material and immaterial cultural heritage. As educationl department we are well connected with different kind of social organizations (schools, youth welfare, migrants centers, vocational training and education, penitentiary).  The educational area it is strolgly involved in trasmitting to new generations the skills and expertise on traditional handy crafts.


Particularly we are engaged in developping VET programs aimed at widespreading the raffinate handycrafts related with Middle Age cathedrals' building.


We can offer courses mainly in the field of social competences for museum's staff and for all those are interested in exploring the role of art as caregivers (alzheimers, elderly, disable people) or teachers.

We can organize study weeks to most fields of interests in Florence and Tuscany, job-shadowings or also internships depending on the field of work.

Please have a look to our courses, actually we are providing workshops at schools's pupils, disavantage people (migrants, inmantes, poors) and teachers.


If your are looking for a partner for projects, contact me.

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