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Fontanus Center Ltd.


Fontanus Center is a research center in Hungary completely sponsored by private resources. Our colleagues have been doing scientific research for more than 10 years by using the knowledge of different scientific fields (methodology, physical education, medicine, psychology, sociology, philosophy, logic, rhetoric, jurisprudence etc.).


Fontanus Center was created for following purposes:

  • Learning and improvement should be attractive: All generations should see the value of knowledge and should grow to like the process of learning itself.
  • Motivation for all age-groups: The key to learning and to the development process is the motivation and the sustenance of it independently.
  • Ensure suitable knowledge to everybody: Selection of the knowledge and transfer methods matching the age-group and geographical area.
  • Evolve new and innovative ways of learning and use of new educational and learning tools and technologies: An individual has to face new challenges both in their private and professional life; education has to keep up with this pace. Educational methods have to be updated to the pulsation of the 21st century. Having recognized, our research activities aim to create up to date educational methods suitable for the people and lifestyle of 21st century taking in account technological development as well.
  • Connecting theory and practice: The education has to connect theory to practice.
  • Physical exercising and movement plays a key role in the development of an individual: Doing exercises regularly in everyday life, physical education and sports are key in personal improvement and learning processes.
  • The key is to learn relationships and coherency between things: The essential role of education is to show connections and to teach that capacity to be able to make them out independently.

Our goal is to create new, efficient and interdisciplinary educational methodologies that can be used widely in education.  We want to realize research and educational projects on a European level and we would like to take other European institutions and researcher into our projects. Our present results and ongoing researches may contribute to the education system, even possibly as supplementary to current educational methods. Our goal is to create the opportunity of integrating learning and development to be an organic part of life in Europe. To work out a model that serves development permanently. 


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Research organisation, think tank
Adult education provider

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