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AICA - Scientific Research Association of the Atlantic


The AICA is a permanent structure for the promotion of scientific and technological research in the various areas of knowledge, according to the UNESCO international nomenclature for fields of science and technology, aiming at a better use of human and material resources, gathering research projects and includes the Atlantic archipelagos that make up Macaronesia (Azores, Canary Islands, Cape Verde and Madeira).

It is a non-profit organization and we aim to get the public amenity registration in the near future.

The objectives of AICA are:

a) contribute to the development of scientific research in various fields of knowledge;

b) Carry out programs and scientific and technological research projects;

c) Collaborate with universities and other institutions in carrying out joint research programs and / or graduate teaching activities and continuing education;

d) To promote scientific exchange with other regional, national and international structures related to research, including participation in networks and national and international research projects;

e) The diffusion of knowledge through an editorial policy that favors the publication of monographs, journals and research projects and reports, as well as technical and scientific interest publications;

g) The provision of services to companies or institutions;

h) One of the objectives to be pursued is to establish an interface between the problems that may arise in the community and at the enterprise level and, through technical and scientific research can be solved, so we have an advisory board where are various companies and public bodies and the Scientific Council made up of excellent Professors proven in science and technology.

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