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Adult Educational Centre "La Albufera" (Madrid)


CEPA La Albufera is an State Adult School located in Madrid, very well connected to the city centre by public transport. 

We have been teaching for more than 50 years in the neighbourghood of Vallecas. We offer two types of courses: official and non-official.

The official courses are the following: Primary and Secondary Education, English Language, Spanish Language for foreigners and IT.

On the other hand, the non-official courses are offered by our La Albufera's Friends and Students' Association. Among those courses are reading groups, clothes painting, memory workshop, Spoken English, etc.

One of our worst problems to deal with is absenteeism. We strongly believe that we can reduce its number through a change in methodologies and mentoring/tutorial action. So, we started a change a year ago. However, we need to go deeper into it and here is where the project KA1 appears.

We are planning a KA1 project with the aim to reduce absenteeism in Adult Schools by two means: changing the methodologies employed in the classroom and mentoring activities.

We strongly believe that changing the way they learn is one of the keys to avoid students abandon their education.

On the other hand, we also believe that mentoring initiatives can also help to get our aim.

We hope you join us in this project!

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