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We are a non-formal education organisation providing learning opportunities to the people in our area (youth, adults and elderly). We have several activities and promote also mobility programmes. Our organization is focused on active citizenship and empowerment. We have developed some materials and methods related to the topic of DIGITAL COMPETENCES and also with topics like prevention of gender violence or improving the employability. We are using in many of our activities GAMES as tool for learning and also Non-formal education methods.

We cooperate at the local level with 3 different local public administrations, so they are part of our local network.

We have also had good experience in DISSEMINATION AND EXPLOITATION OF RESULTS.

In the different projects, we can contribute by sharing our expertise in the field of ICT and Digital competences and also sharing our knowledge of youth work and volunteering or dealing with people in risk of exclusion (long term unemployed or migrants). Furthermore, our organization has participated previously in several interna-tional projects, and this gives a wide perspective on the topic of developing training methodologies.

Most of our members are connected with education field, being teachers or trainers of vocational education. We also have strong roots related with scouting, as most of our members have a scout-background.

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