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EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

Reintegrate Wellbeing

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ERASMUS+ KA2 Project about burnout and long-term unemployment.

The Reintegrate Wellbeing project aims to support employees who are victims of burnout and often in long-term unemployment to reintegrate into the job market, by showing them how to refind motivation and self-confidence.

On the other hand project activities will encourage employers to create a healthier workplace in terms of the engagement and well-being in the work environment. The aim of the project is to provide better understanding of policies and practices in the context of burnout and raise awareness of the problem thereby helping to prevent its manifestation among employees and the employers.

The actions will also focus on the development of soft skills in the working environment, overcoming psychological challenges and social stigma in the framework of burnout.

The objectives of the project will be achieved through innovative methodologies and with the cooperation of seven partners from six countries, who bring their expertise and knowledge of the subject to the project.

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