Training Curriculum on Sustainable Management and Related Topics

The consortium of the Erasmus+ Project "Sustainable Management: Tools for Tomorrow."

(TOO4TO) has developed a training curriculum for Sustainable Management and related topics.

TOO4TO Training Curriculum aims to equip students to understand the barriers and pathways to sustainable development in an organisational context within the EU and beyond and increase the learners' sustainable management competencies, such as problem-solving strategic thinking and teamwork skills in a virtual environment. It presents the framework in which the material collected under the TOO4TO Dynamic Material Bank can be offered to students.

In connection with the Dynamic Material Bank, the Training Curriculum targets university students and teachers and non-academic trainers and practitioners. It provides a training framework for sustainability and sustainable management and offers ways to learn up-to-date knowledge and trends in the field.

While developing the Training Curriculum, the requirements of Innovation Pedagogy (INNOPEDA®), designed by one of the project's partner organisations, Turku University of Applied Sciences, have been considered. The Innopeda approach provides an innovative approach to learning and teaching. It ensures the inclusion of learning and teaching methodologies that help (further) the development of sustainable management competencies, as described above.

The Training Curriculum has been designed in a modular form to provide the learners with an opportunity and flexibility to focus on skills and knowledge, which are best suited to support their success in future work and life. The modular structure also helps teachers to integrate the

training curriculum into their teachings in a best-fitting way.

The Training Curriculum is an open-access intellectual output of the TOO4TO project: The entire curriculum (original version, in English), as well as the summaries in partner languages (Finnish, German, Lithuanian and Polish), can be accessed via the project website. The project

consortium will start piloting the training curriculum during the first quarter of 2022. Gathered feedback and experiences will be reflected in the Training Curriculum, and it will be updated accordingly (if needed).

For more information on the Training Curriculum, please contact:

Ela Kurtcu Bulatovic, Global Impact Grid (

For more information on the Training Curriculum Summaries in partner country languages, please contact:

Finland: Susanna Saari, Turku University of Applied Sciences (

Germany: Ela Kurtcu Bulatovic, Global Impact Grid (

Lithuania: Inga Gurauskienė, Kaunas University of Technology (

Poland: Małgorzata Zięba, Gdanks University of Technology (

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