Corona Virus: (COVID-19) Things That Parents Should Know

What is new type of corona virus?

Coronavirus COVID-19 is the new type of corona virus.

The new type corona virus is emerged from Wuhan, china for the first time and it is called as corona virus(COVID-19)( “CO” for corona “VI” for virus and “D” for disease). Previously, it was called as “2019-nCoV”. 

COVID-19 is in the same family with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and other viruses causing a flu.

There are much information on the internet about it. What should I do?

About corona virus, there are several myths and wrong information in online platforms.  These information are mostly about how to protect oneself from it, and what to do if one get infected.  

When we got information about this disease, we need to be careful about it. In this post, there are information and suggestions about; how to reduce the risk of getting infected, whether or not necessary to prevent your children go to school at this time, safety of breast feeding during this time  and precautions to be taken before going on a trip. In addition, there is also a very useful part including FaQ of World health organization about corona virus.  

If you want to know recent news and recommendations related to travelling, education or other matters, you may follow the information shared by national and regional authorities. 

How people are infected with COVID-19?

The virus infects people with direct contact to spread droplets of infected person coming out of their respiratory tract or touching contaminated surfaces with virus. Despite the fact that COVID-19 lives long hours on the surfaces, ordinary disinfectants are enough to eliminate this virus.

What are the symptoms of Corona virus?

Fever, cough, short of breath are common symptoms of corona virus. It causes pneumonia and dyspnea in more serious cases.  Moreover, it may cause a death.

These symptoms show similarity with symptoms of flu or cold, which are more common comparing to COVID-19. Thus, in order to confirm whether a person is infected with COVID-19 or not, test is required. It should be noted that basic precautions to prevent getting infected with coronavirus are the same as precautions to prevent respiratory diseases. Hands need be washed frequently and people need to be careful about their body hygiene (when coughing or sneezing ill people should cover with a tissue or use their elbow to cover it, used tissue need to be thrown to a bin). There is a vaccine to protect oneself against flu, do not forget you and your children to be vaccinated for flu.  




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