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EPALE - Plataforma electrónica de aprendizaje de adultos en Europa

This Community of Practice (CoP) will strengthen the Vocational Education and Training (VET) community across the EU.

It is addressed to practitioners/experts dealing with skills development for young people and adults for the labour market, to help them better anticipate and prepare for future challenges.

This space aims to be an interactive platform for teachers, trainers, in-company tutors to network and exchange good practices and ideas, for finding concrete solutions to their problems with the help of peers, keep up to date with European policies and contribute to European VET initiatives. Let’s bring policy closer to practice!

Discussions will cover mostly online/distance learning, green skills, social inclusion, and learning mobility. The European Commission will share in this space information and initiatives that might be useful for you. This CoP is there for you: be actively involved! The CoP will be animated with interesting content including news, policy developments and online discussions. You can share information, like posts by other members, reply to the surveys and discussion items. Active members will be rewarded with an open badge as 'Contributors to the Community of European VET practitioners.'

If you are an EPALE member and would like to join the Community, you can click ‘request membership’ below.

If you are not an EPALE member, please click ‘register’ on the top-right of the page to become an EPALE member; you will be able to request your group membership after that.

We highly recommend that prospective members include as many details as possible on their EPALE public profiles (who you are, the country you are located in, your professional title, your areas of VET expertise, and any other professional background information you deem relevant, including links to your organisation if applicable). This will allow the Community moderators to provide you with tailored information, and for the rest of the Community to network among yourselves.

Stay in touch with a vibrant Community of VET practitioners.

Community of European VET practitioners – Members' group

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This is a platform to network and exchange practices and ideas, keep up to date with European policies and contribute to European VET initiatives. Join us and fellow VET practitioners in discussions