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Animaker is a cloud based Do-it-Yourself animated video making app, with in-built features to address the growing demand of animated video making.

This app helps everyone to create an animated video with high quality, focusing heavily on Studio standards.

The main advantage of Animaker is the possibility to create professional videos, without having advanced skills in video making and editing.

We have developed an analysis on Animaker on our website: Animaker » InterMedia Project (

Thanks to this analysis, you will be able to understand if Animaker can be an interesting tool for you.

We have identified its positive and negative aspects, including some tips to follow.

And of course, practice makes you perfect!

You will have to try it and see if you find it user-friendly or not.

Thanks to our suggestions, Animaker will be even easier to use.

We hope you will enjoy it.

On our website InterMedia Project » InterMedia Project (, under the section "Multimedia tools", you will find the description of many other tools to be used to create your lessons.

This example comes from the E4ALL project and was used there as a learning pill.

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