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Novi Sad School of Journalism


 Novi Sad School of Journalism (NSSJ) is a civil society organization that is dedicated to the development and professionalization of the media scene in Serbia and the region, which respects the values of truth, knowledge and critical approaches in a multilingual, multicultural and multinational environment and fosters a moderate and tolerant dialogue.

The Novi Sad School of Journalism exists from 1996, but is founded as a civil society organization in 1998.

Project activities of the organization are focused on: increasing the professional capacities in the media sector; monitoring and analysis of media content; education of the various target groups about media literacy and advocacy that will contribute to the democratization and development of civil society and the promotion of European values.

For all of these activities, NSSJ offers knowledge and skills that promote communication, which excludes ethnic, religious, sexual, or racial discrimination.

NSSJ has established excellent cooperation with many local, provincial, national and foreign media, educational institutions, and both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Novi Sad School of Journalism is one of the founders of the SEENPM network -South Eastern European Network for Professionalization of Media. The network promotes excellence in journalism through policy initiatives, research, and training. The SEENPM unites fifteen nonprofit media centers from eleven southeast European and neighboring countries. Its activities are based on the belief that joint commitment and cooperation are pivotal to the development of independent media, the strengthening of relations among journalists, and overall progress in the region.

NSSJ is also one of the founders of Media Initiatives, an international consortium founded in 2005, which brings together media experts and activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. The mission of the consortium is to promote the free flow of information, exchange of ideas and experiences in the Western Balkans media.

Since April 2014 NSSJ has officially become a member of the International Association of Media and Learning – MEDEA for media literacy. The main objective of the association is to promote and stimulate the use of media as a way to enhance innovation and creativity in teaching and learning across all levels of education in Europe.

NSSJ has received several international awards. In 2013 the NSSJ won the ERSTE Foundation special jury award for Social Integration. The Award for Social Integration honors outstanding social projects that show high quality, innovation, and sustainability. NSSJ won an award for a project entitled “A Day in your shoes.”

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