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EPALE - Eiropas pieaugušo mācīšanās elektroniskā platforma

Earn your EPALE badge

EPALE is a community of people who contribute to the development of adult learning and education.  We want to make sure our dedicated community members are actively rewarded.

Badges are a way for EPALE users to be recognised for their contributions to the EPALE community.

How can you gain points and earn your badge?

Badges are earned by performing some actions on the community. 

You can earn badges by doing a variety of things in our community, such as posting content, commenting, and actively engaging with the platform. 

Badges are awarded every six months to the top members of the community.

How are scores assigned?
  • Add a content - 100 points for each blog post, article, resource, discussion, event, group and partner search announcement
  • Add a comment - 20 points for each comment
  • Add a like - 5 points


You can also earn points by receiving appreciation by other members of the community. 
So, do not miss the chance to share your content and to invite your friends and colleagues to be active on EPALE.

  • Receive a comment - 40 points for each comment
  • Get likes - 10 points for each like
EPALE badges

Thanks to your active participation in the community you can earn points and get acknowledged.

There are 3 levels of recognition:



 Community Contributor (250 points)

You are actively contributing to the community and enriching EPALE with your participation.



 Community Collaborator (500 points)

You rock! Your commitment to the community is inspiring and makes EPALE flourish.



 Community Hero (1000 points)

Your engagement is amazing! Adult learning and education is your life, and you are tireless. You are EPALE!

Be proud of your EPALE badge and your contribution to the community!