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National Support Services - Spain

National Support Services - Spain


Subdirección General de Orientación y Aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida. Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional.


    The Sub-Directorate General for Guidance and Lifelong Learning, dependent on the General Secretariat for Vocational Training, has the following functions assigned within the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training:

    • The development of materials and management of the direct offer of Distance Vocational Training of the Center for the Innovation and Development of Distance Education (CIDEAD), in coordination with the Directorate General of Educational Planning and Management regarding the provision, as well as other distance professional training offers for adults.
    • The preparation of studies, technical work and reports, and the preparation and execution of plans for the improvement of the quality, the evaluation and promotion of Vocational Training, as well as measures that promote equality, non-discrimination and universal accessibility policies.
    • The design of strategies for the promotion of career guidance, the development of an integrated career guidance system, in collaboration with other Departments, as well as the maintenance of portals, platforms and social networks to facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and resources in the field of vocational guidance and training.
    • The promotion of programs aimed at facilitating professional career development and access to professional qualification and requalification.
    • The design and development of actions that promote technical-professional lifelong learning, both through regulated and non-regulated teaching activities.

    As the Spanish NSS for EPALE, the Sub-Directorate General for Guidance and Lifelong Learning aims to improve the quality in adult learning in Spain, easing information to adult learning providers about the opportunities of professional development, resources, news, networking, etc.

    Some of our activities as NSS for Spain include: developing a national communication strategy; identifying stakeholders at local, regional and national level; participating in forums, social networks and blogs of the platform; selecting adult learning contents and resources; and encouraging users to propose contents for the platform.




    Asunción Manzanares Moya. Deputy Director General for Guidance and Lifelong Learning

    Daniel Rodríguez Arenas. Head of Unit for Lifelong Learning. 

    Florentino Santos Porras. Head of Service for Development and Quality.

    Maximiliano Alcañiz García.  Technical Advisor. Contact person for EPALE in Spain.

    Beatriz Sanchis Oreja. Technical Advisor. Contact person for EPALE in Spain.

    Mari Carmen González Barrera. Technical Advisor. Contact person for EPALE in Spain.

    Esther Pazos Budia. Technical Advisor. Contact person for EPALE in Spain.

    Ruled by the Organic Law  3/2020, 29th December, which modifies the Organic Law 2/2006, 3rd May, of Education.

    Each of the seventeen Autonomous Communities of Spain and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training within the territory under its control, have assigned competences in order to adopt the correspondent measures to provide specific training to adults according to their needs.

    Comunidad AutónomaÁmbitoCódigoEmbajdaorCorreo electrónico
    ANDALUCÍAAdultos1Raúl Tolosa Gonzá
     FP2Milagrosa Pérez
    ARAGÓNAdultos3Eva Martín Á
     FP4Luis Carlos Callao Pola
    ASTURIAS, PRINCIPADO DEAdultos5Antonio Reguera Garcí
     FP6Roberto García Gonzá
    CANARIASAdultos7Juana María Santana
     FP8Trinidad Sánchez Rodríguez
    CANTABRIAAdultos9Mª Eugenia Villanueva
     FP10Isabel Lavín
    CASTILLA LA MANCHAAdultos9Cecilio Amores Garcí
     FP11Rafael Javier Moreno
    CASTILLA Y LEÓNAdultos13Esther Hernández
     FP14M. Altamira Hernando
    CATALUÑAAdultos15José Pilar
     FP16Maria Pascual García
    CEUTAAdultos17Jesús Canca
     FP18Ana María Pino Rodrí
    COMUNIDAD VALENCIANAAdultos19Diana Sánchez
     FP20Laura Ferri Ramí  
    EXTREMADURAAdultos21María Lorena Colombo Ló
     FP22María José Galán
    GALICIAAdultos23Xián Otero Camañ
    ISLAS BALEARESAdultos25Maria Magdalena Balle Garcí
    LA RIOJAAdultos27David Villa
    MADRID, COMUNIDAD DEAdultos29Juan Luis Fernández Rodrí
     FP30Rosa Molina Martí
    MURCIAAdultos33Alejandro Egea Abellá
    NAVARRA, COMUNIAD FORAL DEAdultos35Lourdes Azanza Beramendi
     FP36Maite Brun Valencia
    PAÍS VASCOAdultos37  
    Paseo del Prado,  28. Planta 6ª, 28014, MADRID
    (+34) 915065713
    (+34) 915065600
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