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Research: Evolution of reading in the age of digitisation (E-READ)


The Evolution of Reading in the Age of Digitisation (E-READ) is a COST-funded (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) European research initiative bringing together more than 120 scholars and scientists of reading, publishing, and literacy from 33 countries across Europe. The goal of the research initiative was to improve scientific understanding of the implications of digitization, hence helping individuals, disciplines, societies and sectors across Europe to cope optimally with the effects. The research contains a meta-study of 54 studies with more than 170.000 participants.

For more information please visit the E-READ website.

The Stavanger Declaration signed by well over one hundred scholars and scientists, is based on research by experts from a wide range of scientific fields, with different experiences and views, contains a summary of the outcomes.

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Evolution of Reading in the Age of Digitisation (E-READ)
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