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The Coronavirus and the Rising of Online Education

The new Covid-19 Virus, which appeared in late December 2019 and early January 2020, has become a fearful dream all over the world. In order to reduce deaths, reduce the pace of infection, and save time for treatment studies, efforts have been made to create as much social distance as possible, with measures such as taking a break classroom face-to-face education or declaring a interruption in educational institutions and universities. In this regard, according to the data of the United Nations, the learning group of 770 million people in the world has been affected by the closure of schools and universities. In this study, an evaluation of distance education studies, which has become imperative to ensure that countries and universities do not interrupt education, has been evaluated. In this conceptual study, the issue of transforming online learning into face-to-face learning after the pandemic period is addressed by determining the situation. 

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Gonca Telli Yamamoto
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