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Free platform for training search UNEM - brochure

The Erasmus+ project Free platform for training search UNEM is based on the priorities of the Erasmus+ program and on the growing needs of low-qualified unemployed people and the need for tools to ease their access to training opportunities. Low-qualified people are a particularly vulnerable group among the unemployed. The high percentage of people in need of upskilling and qualification in each participating country in the project is a problem that can be solved through easing the access to training and guidance. 

To address this issue, the four partners from the UNEM project came up with the idea to contribute to achieving the priorities of qualification and upskilling through bringing together unemployed people and training providers in an online platform in order to find the most appropriate and suitable training courses. 
The main objective of the UNEM project was to create preconditions for the acceleration of the integration process and the upskilling of low-qualified adults.  This was done through an integrative approach, using ICT tools, digital and research methods, which resulted in the creation of a platform for training search open for all users, available in four languages, where training providers will register and offer training opportunities.  

The project team included partners from three different countries: Bulgaria, Greece, and Portugal. The Coordinating organization is a vocational education provider, the other three partner organizations provide adult education and training, work in the field of Erasmus+ mobility, and consultancy. All partners brought their specific competencies to the project.

The UNEM project team explored the qualification needs of unemployed people and low-skilled individuals in three different countries, how their needs could be addressed through the use of digital tools, and how their access to qualification can be improved. Project products include technical materials, researches, and learning activities implemented during the project meetings and events.

As a result, was created the online platform, aiming to ease the access to training opportunities of unemployed and low-skilled adults and thus to improve their qualification and adaptability to the labor market. The participating organizations created a strong partnership. The target group was provided with an innovative tool – the Coursetojob platform. As an overall result, after the end of the project, we expect to contribute to the improvement of unemployment rates by raising the percentage of qualified adults. 

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