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5 Mar

The ‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Technology-Enhanced Assessment


This workshop is aimed at lecturers and other staff involved in the assessment process and its objective is to promote the use of technology-enhanced assessment by examining what it is, what are its benefits and how one would adopt it.

Workshop attendees will first examine common definitions of technology-enhanced assessment and explore some examples of it in practice. Attendees will then explore the rationale for adopting technology-enhanced assessment and practical steps that need undertaking in order to do so.

The majority of the workshop will comprise practical group work involving all attendees collaborating with one another to develop shared digital rubrics. Attendees will be asked to form groups with an interest in specific assessment types, such as:

  • Video assessment
  • Group assessment
  • Presentation assessment
  • Placement assessment
  • etc.

They will be supported by facilitators to develop a common assessment rubric for their chosen assessment type. They will then transpose their rubric to a virtual learning environment and at the conclusion of the workshop, each attendee will receive a copy of each rubric for them to embed in their own VLE. It is intended that attendees will be in a position to start adopting technology-enhanced assessment thereafter, having explored its definitions and rationale and developed several rubrics for different assessment types, which they can immediately put to use in their own programmes and institutions.

Portions of the workshop speakers' presentations will be recorded and photographs will be taken throughout the day also.


Dublin City University, Glasnevin Campus

Collins Avenue Extension

Dublin 9

Event Details
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The Teaching Enhancement Unit (TEU) in the National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) has responsibility for teaching and learning support and development in the University. The Unit is concerned with academic staff development with respect to new approaches to teaching and learning, educational research, and the support of a wide variety of educational technologies.
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