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Youth in Science and Business Foundation


Youth in Science and Business Foundation (YSBF) is an NGO based in Estonia. 

Developing and spreading new ideas, supporting creativity and arts is our passion. YSBF is aimed at supporting innovative ideas and creativity. We disseminate information on advancements of science and technology and support new ideas and interesting artistic approaches to life.

Since establishment of YSBF in 2001, we have received funding for our projects from EU-funds, private sector companies, Estonian government and international
organizations. We are based in Tallinn, Estonia, but our projects are mostly international. We have almost 20 years of experience in projects related to young
people, science, technology and dissemination of novel ideas. Further, we have been working with schools to create creative and innovative ways for teaching students and enhancing their learning abilities.

Organisation Details
Tätigkeitsbereich / Interessen
Forschungseinrichtung oder Think-Tank
Nationale, regionale oder lokale Regierungsorganisation
Auf Lern- oder Berufsberatung spezialisierte Organisation
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