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COGEM is a consortium of small and medium-sized businesses operating in the communication and marketing sector, integrating graphic and multimedia creation. The purpose of the consortium is to promote the growth of associated companies through professional updating activities co...
Estrellita is a social enterprise, established in 2017, based on the belief that all people have the right to benefit from training and long life learning activities:training, leisure, sport, workshops ( such as culinary, agricultural, and recreational workshops). However, the s...
Social IT ( is an Italian SME for the deployment and introduction of innovative ICT solutions for the management of social and health care services. The functionalities of our solutions include the management of the clinical and assessment data, as well as the...
ACLI Bergamo APS is a non profit organization that has put into place, with its services and functions, a system designed to help and promote workers, families and the disadvantages persons. Furthermore, ACLI is involved in organizing cultural events, training courses, public m... del Serio is a consortium of 10 social cooperatives located in the Northern Italy (in the district of Bergamo) and founded in November 2000. The consortium pursues the following purposes: