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EPALE - den Elektroniske Platform for Voksenlæring i Europa



EPALE is a community platform with user-generated content. The European Commission does not endorse any material, articles or visuals uploaded by users, or any views, opinions or advice expressed by users to this platform. Likewise, the European Commission accepts no responsibility or liability regarding the content.

This disclaimer is not intended to limit the liability of the Commission in contravention of any requirements laid down in applicable national law nor to exclude its liability for matters which may not be excluded under that law.


Community guidelines

EPALE centres on the adult learning community. We want to improve the standards of adult education across Europe, and for users to share their experience and knowledge. The aim of the platform is that content is mainly produced for users by users. Therefore, we welcome and encourage the users’ contributions to the platform.

We are committed to quality and accuracy, giving adult learning professionals high-quality, accurate and original content that is relevant to their needs and concerns. The content on EPALE should be factually correct and free from defamatory material. 

Users’ contributions to EPALE are moderated as follows:

  • EPALE National and the Central Support Services validate every content upload, such as an article or resource, before becoming publicly available. 
  • Discussions and comments are post-moderated by the Central Support Service; technical tools may be applied to filter or block unsuitable contributions. 
  • Content and comments in public and private groups are curated by the group moderator and supervised by the Central Support Service. 

You may reproduce content provided the source is acknowledged, except where otherwise stated. Where prior permission must be obtained for the reproduction of information, such permission shall cancel the general permission and shall clearly indicate any restrictions on use. The materials and contributions from users on the platform are, except where otherwise indicated, compatible with the Creative Commons “Attribution 4.0 International” license (CC BY 4.0).

If, as the author or publisher of a work, you feel your rights have been violated and wish to remedy this, please contact us at If errors or omissions are brought to our attention, we will also try to correct them.

We want all our users to feel welcome on EPALE, and to trust the information that is presented on this site. Therefore, we request you to obey some principles to maintain EPALE a safe place:

  • Be responsible: Be responsible for any content that you upload and for making sure your posts are accurate and appropriate and do not infringe copyrights. Inden deling af billeder, videoer, dokumenter eller andre ressourcer, så vær venligst sikker på, at der er tilladelse til dette. I tilfælde af, at der bruges egne billeder og videoer, hvor andre personer kan identificeres, så vær sikker på at få deres samtykke. Hvis der benyttes lagerfotos eller billeder fra andre kilder, så vær sikker på, at der er tilladelse til at bruge disse.
  • Be respectful: When interacting, remember that others may not always share your point of view. Users must respect the opinions of others, and refrain from using offensive or harmful language. Hate-speech, racist, sexist or other indictable content is not acceptable and will lead to exclusion from the community and the elimination of posts. 
  • Stay relevant: Keep the content of discussions on topic. When contributing to a discussion topic or content thread, make sure that your contribution is to the point, constructive and useful to other members taking part in it. 
  • Be polite and friendly:  Being polite means being aware and respecting the feelings of other people and showing it. Therefore, carefully chose words in your posts and contributions. ‘Like’ or say ‘Thank you’ to acknowledge anybody whose input you have valued.
  • Be responsible: Use the platform in a responsible manner for lawful purposes only. Refrain from spamming, uploading malicious content or using the platform in any manner that could harm the servers or network.

Although the use of the platform requires all users to comply with these Community Guidelines, some inappropriate user-generated content or contributions may still be submitted and displayed. You are welcome to report such incidents to  We reserve the right to edit, move, or delete any content that violates the Community Guidelines and exclude any user form the community, without notice. 

These Community Guidelines may change and so you should consult them regularly. Any such change would be effective immediately.


External link disclaimer

European Commission websites in the domain may contain “external links” to websites in domains other than, which may not be owned or funded by the European Commission, over which Commission services have no control and for which the Commission assumes no responsibility.

When visitors to European Commission websites choose to follow a link to any external website, they leave the official domain of the European Commission, and are subject to the cookie, privacy and legal policies of the external website.

Compliance with applicable data protection and accessibility requirements of external websites linked to from Commission websites in the domain, falls outside the control of the European Commission and is the explicit responsibility of the external website.


Disclaimer of endorsement

The purpose of any linked reference from European Commission websites to any specific external resource, online service or a website, is to enhance the information available on European Commission websites and help visitors to those websites.

Such linked references do not constitute endorsement by the European Commission of the specific external resource, online service or a website, nor endorsement of the information, contained in the linked reference, nor endorsement of the organisations owning the external websites.


Privacy policy

EPALE is committed to user privacy. For further details please refer to the privacy statement.